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Who we are

Signal Fire
n. a fire set as a signal.
a fire (usually on a tower or a hill) that can be seen from a distance.

Signal Fire Media is a community for ambitious leaders seeking ambitious leadership. Every day, we set out to demolish the villain of self-doubt by having encouraging conversations designed to:

  • Feed your mind
  • Strengthen your body
  • Enrich your soul
  • Nurture your relationships

Because ambitious leaders know that in order to change their world they first have to harden themselves.

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Our Team

Rob Rens

Marine Corps veteran, former corporate executive turned small business owner and entrepreneur.

Vice President of Ignition:
Matt Mylott

Marine Corps Reconnaissance Veteran, former SWAT critical skills operator, girl dad, community leader and all around good dude.

Vice President of Impact:
Evan Anderson

An active duty Staff Sergeant with 12 years of service in the Army’s Special Operations Command.


Jason Gray

Graphic and production designer aficionado.

Rich Cardona

Executive video strategist, video production and media company owner, podcast host and YouTuber